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Solutions Built on Integrity

What Do We Do Better Than Our Competitors?

  • Quality - Less defects and less call backs. We go above and beyond the scope and stand behind our work.

  • Faster Response Time.

  • Superior Customer Service - With Platinum, you are able to pick up the phone and contact one of the owners at any time. We work directly with each and every customer.

  • The Platinum Rule - Never sell the customer what they don’t need.

  • Open source philosophy keeps customers from being locked into Platinum or our products.

What is Unique About Us?

  • We started Platinum to give customers a better option in the market—We have the freedom to craft a better solution and give them better service, and fully complete the job.

  • The level of caring and commitment to our customer’s best interest.

  • We engineer, design and install with the long-term service needs of the owner in mind.

  • High level skill-sets across the board.

  • High level of integrity.  We do things the right way.

  • Not tied to a single product line.

  • We are a family concentric organization.

  • We are a part of the communities we work in.

  • We believe we can do things smarter and more efficiently; ultimately benefiting our customers and our community.

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